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“Home is where your story begins, I’ll help you get there.”

A Guide to Home Buying –

Viewing potential new homes – here’s what to look for:

The most fun part of buying a home is often walking through it for the first time. Your excitement grows as you turn each corner, visualizing yourself and your family living there. Before you start planning the housewarming party, there are some important things to keep in mind during the initial walk-through.

Tour the entire house to get a feel for the layout. Is it a home you can live in as-is or does it need some renovation to make it your dream home.  Check for adequate closet and storage space.  A lack of closet or storage space is something you might find you can’t live with later.

Check the condition of the floors. Carpet can be changed or removed and hardwood can be refinished. Don’t assume there is hardwood under the carpet – you’ll want to check to be sure. Check under rugs for stains or faded flooring.

Look for evidence of water damage. Take a close look at the ceilings and under windows for wet spots or water stains. Remember to check under sinks, too. In older homes with stone foundations, you are likely to find some moisture in the basement. A small amount is fine and to be expected in these homes, but a large amount of water in the basement is an issue. While you’re down there, check for mold, foundation cracks and the condition of the floor joists, if visible.

Locate the furnace, hot water heater, A/C unit, etc. You might be able to find a tag or sticker on these items with a date on it – this will give you an idea of its age. Your home inspector will be able to tell you its remaining useful life.

Check out any appliances that may be staying in the home. Feel free to turn them on to make sure they work. Double check that the water line has been hooked up to the fridge, if necessary for filtered water or an ice maker.

Take a walk around property for exterior issues. This is a good time to check for foundation issues and caulk around windows, doors, and siding.

Don’t  stress out about missing something – I always encourage home buyers to have an in-depth home inspection completed once the property is under contract. This will be the time to make informed decisions and find out if there are any major issues with the home. When showing my clients properties, I always ask them to picture themselves at Christmas. Can you visualize where you will put your Christmas tree? That always seems to help my clients when deciding on a home. I look forward to helping guide you through the home buying process!

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