Jennifer Lee Mazeika


“Home is where your story begins, I’ll help you get there.”

Real Estate Homework Is What I Do Best. . .

I love helping people find the perfect property to match their needs. I have found 24 homes in the Smith Mountain Lake area in Franklin, Bedford and Roanoke counties in 2018 for my clients.

I am proud to be a realtor that provides exceptional service and truly listens to what my client’s wishes are.
I strive to make the buying or selling process as stress-free for my clients as possible by providing in-depth knowledge of the area and personalized service. I respond quickly to phone calls or emails and have come up with a creative solution or two when any problems arose. I try to work with other professionals like mortgage lenders, home inspectors and contractors who will also make the real estate process easier too.

In developing my own website this year, I wanted to establish communication with all my clients and others. That is why I write a blog each month and will continue to do so. I want to interact with my clients to ask, “how can I  make the real estate process easier for you?”  I hope my blogs have helped buyers and sellers become acquainted with the process so there were no big surprises along the way.

I continue to educate myself as a realtor with courses like” Realtor’s Code of Ethics” this year.  It’s important to stay current and further my knowledge as a realtor.  As I told one my client’s, “I live here. My family and I are establishing strong roots here. So integrity and a strong honest reputation are important to me.”

As we start the New Year in 2019, I am optimistic about the future.  Buyers still have fairly low interest rates and a very healthy inventory of homes to choose from in the Smith Mountain Lake area.  Sellers continue to offer a great value for homes in the Smith Mountain Lake area which will attract more buyers to the area.

My motto for the New Year is still the same, “Home is where your story begins, I’ll help you get there.”