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10 Things Realtors Do To Sell Your Home Quick

Selling your home can be very stressful. But the right Realtor came make it a lot easier. Here’s why:

  1. Statistics show that realtors net 25% more on average than a ‘For Sale By Owner.’
    Getting top dollar for your home must be a priority. The right realtor recognizes how important your home investment means to you.
  2. Realtors know, understand and interpret local market data.
    How many comparable properties are for sale in your area? How are they priced?
  3. Realtors help you determine the appropriate listing price.
    The right realtor prices your house right the first time so that your property sells quickly and doesn’t become stagnant.
  4. Your Realtor will market your home online to give it maximum exposure.
    Having access to multiple online outlets to reach the maximum audience is important.
  5. Professional photography of your home.
    The right Realtor knows how to capture your home’s best features to help them stand out from other comparable properties.
  6. Realtors collaborate with other Realtors.
    Realtors us their contacts in the real estate industry and network with other Realtors to optimize their chance of selling your home quickly.
  7. Realtors know how to negotiate professionally.
    The right Realtor will recognize and execute an offer with your best interest in mind.
  8. The right Realtor can see potential problems before they occur
    And work quickly and efficiently to solve them reducing your stress.
  9. Realtors can offer you tips to increase your home’s return-on-investment.
    The right Realtor will increase your home’s value to prospective buyer’s by letting you know what current buyer’s are looking for. (see my blog from June 2018 titled ‘Secret To Selling Your Home for 10% More’).
  10. Find the Right Realtor For You.
    One of the most important decisions you will make is finding the right realtor for you. How do you find the right match? Do they show up on time to your initial consultation? Are they prepared with home market comparisons for your area so they can help you set the best possible price? Are they professional in their appearance? Is the agency they represent one you would use to buy a home from? Do they answer all your questions and concerns? Are they creative about your listing photos and information?

I’d like to help you when you decide to sell your home. I love being a real estate agent. I am very detail oriented and I will make sure that the selling process is as stress-free as possible.

If you are considering selling your home, I’d like to help. Give me a call at 540-537-2332 for a no obligation consultation today.