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Is Home Staging Worth It?

When you are selling your home, you may find yourself competing for potential buyers.

Staging your home can give you a competitive edge – and help you earn a higher sale price.

Why Staging?

Staging your property does much more than just making it look nice. According to Real Estate Staging Association, professionally listed staged properties spend 73% less time on the market.

  • Typically sell for more money
  • End up on Buyer’s “must see” lists
  • Are considered well-maintained
  • Have fewer concessions requested of the seller

Is Staging Worth It?

Consider home staging a cost of doing business. It’s an investment that will pay off when you sell your home.  The median amount spent on home staging is $675.00.

What’s the return on investment?

  • 37% of realtors representing sellers believe that buyers most often offer a 1-5% increase on the value of a staged home and 22% believe that buyers get an offer a 6-10% increase on the value of a staged home

All buyers hope in their hearts that the purchase of a new home will make their lives better. So showing your home in the best possible light will only reinforce that idea.

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