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Optimize the Value of Your Home Before You Sell

Home sellers want to get the most out of their homes when they sell.  But what you need to consider before making expensive renovations and repairs  is — what is the condition of competing homes for sale in your area? Is it a hot or cold real estate market for sellers in your area? What are the chances of a good return on your investment?

These are all questions that I can help you answer.

First, you need to talk to a reputable and knowledgeable real estate agent before making any repairs  to weigh the pros and cons with your particular home and your personal situation.

Are you going to sell your home in  “As Is” condition and price it low enough to attract multiple offers from contractors and flippers?

Or are your trying to get “top dollar” for a move-in-ready home? I would say most home buyers in the Smith Mountain Lake area fall into this category. So making smart value-added repairs and renovations is important.

Before you decide to add skylights to a master suite or a hot tub to your outside deck, please keep in mind that historically, upgrades to your kitchen and baths carry the highest return on investment.
These are key areas that attract the most attention of potential buyers.  Home buyers want to imagine themselves using those areas everyday and being happy with them from the start.  Costly and time-consuming renovations are not appealing to most home buyers looking in the Smith Mountain Lake area. They want to move in and start enjoying the lake life-style that they have just purchased.

A Few Ways to Evaluate Your Home
or  how your home stacks up against other homes in your neighborhood

  1. I will show you printouts of comparable homes in your area. This will give you idea of what is available to buyers in your area and what selling price similar homes are being listed at. If you price too high, potential buyers will never walk thru your home and your home might sit on the market getting stale. You will be missing important selling opportunities.  If you price too low, you might feel like you didn’t get the full value.  My job is to help you find the balance.
  2. Go to ‘Open Houses’ in your area. This way you will see first- hand what other sellers have done with their homes. What improvements have they made? What features of their home appeal to you? Are these features available in your home?
  3. View your neighborhood with an objective eye.  What would be appealing to potential home buyers? Are there any drawbacks?
  4. Hit the How Much Is Your Home Worth link to Zillow Estimates on the sidebar of this blog page. Enter your address to get an estimate of your home from Zillow.

Where To Start If You Home Needs Some Work
I am not an expert in home renovation but as a realtor, I have walked through hundreds of homes in Moneta, Goodivew, Wirtz and Huddleston areas.  I have witnessed my home buyers’ reactions to homes that they have fallen in love with and other homes that they have found fault with.  With a quick walk through, I can give you a heads-up as to what home features  buyers will find absolutely appealing and to what features will turn them off.  With this insight, I hope to help you get the most value from your home.

Next, you need to make a list.  Yes, it always starts with the dreaded “To-Do” list. You need to walk thru each room of your home with an objective eye. Make a  list of everything that’s defective, broken or worn out. Buyers might wonder what else in the home has been neglected if they spot problems.

Cosmetic Touches
Minor improvements include fixing leaky faucets, patching holes and cracks in the walls. Repair ANY water problems you might have in a ceiling, roof, basement, etc.  Any water problem should be addressed immediately so that you don’t develop mold problems which is a big no-no when selling a home. This is a repair that is best taken care of before you put your home on the market and before the buyer’s home inspector comes through.

Replace broken windows or screens. Replace or get professionally cleaned  older carpets.  Replace old appliances that aren’t working or look like they are worn out.

Put a fresh coat of paint. The color of your interior walls has a huge impact on the rooms’ appearance. Pick a color that is neutral if possible.  This is one of the most cost-effective improvements you can give your home.

And don’t forget the outside. First impressions are key. A welcoming entrance sets the tone for the whole walk-thru.

But also keep in mind, so many potential home buyers browse Zillow and other home search sites these days. So attractive and professional-looking photos of your home “freshly painted” and newly landscaped on-line are equally important to the selling process.

If your DIY skills do not cover any of the repairs/renovations that you need to make, I recommend a list of vendors that I work with on a regular basis. Just click-on My Preferred Vendors Who Will Help you Get Your Home Ready to Sell and print the list.

Optimize the Value of Your Home
So my advice boils down to this. A little work and minor repairs can go a long way toward increasing your home’s value before you sell. The more upgrades and improvements you have made, the better your chances of selling your home for what you are asking.

You can email me at Jmazehomes4you@gmail or call me at 540-537-2332 for any other information
I could help you with.  I offer a free no-obligation consultation in the Bedford, Franklin and Roanoke County areas.