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Secrets About Selling Your House Now

Are you trying to get your house ready to sell? Are you overwhelmed by trying to figure out how to do it without going broke? I know a couple who are going through this experience right now.  As a realtor, this is the advice I give them.

Clean, Clean, Clean. . .
Whether you do-it-yourself or hire a one-time professional cleaning service, a clean home will sell faster. New home buyers will see and smell everything you don’t when walking through your home. And first impressions matter. Home buyers will appreciate the extra work you have put in to make your home move-in ready.

Clear Clutter and Extra Furniture
New home buyers want to imagine themselves in your home.  Removing clutter and depersonalizing your home will help them do that. That extra large comfy recliner in your family room might make your home more comfortable to you but maybe it blocks a clear view and makes the room look smaller.

A Welcoming Entrance
Since curb appeal matters, make sure the entrance to your home is inviting — meaning if your door or trim needs a fresh coat of paint or you need to freshen up landscaping, it would be a worthwhile investment in time and money.

Staging That Matters
No one says you need to hire a professional stager although studies have shown they are worth the money especially if you have already moved out of your home.  But you can borrow some staging tips from the professionals:
In the bathrooms – buy fresh towels and only bring them out when you have a showing scheduled.
Make your bathroom as spa-like as possible.
In bedrooms – buy fresh bedspreads and accent pillows to bring out the best features in the rooms.
In the kitchen – make sure all appliances and cabinets are clean.  Home buyers will open cabinets and drawers so make sure they are de-cluttered and organized. Showing ample storage in kitchens can be a key feature. Highlight the best feature in the kitchen with new home accents that you put out at showings.  For example, if the feature is the large eat-in island, place settings or a bowl of fresh lemons or shiny red apples will help.
In the Living room/dining room/family room – make sure there is ample light. If you have great windows, make sure they are clean and drapes are open. Turn on and leave on lights that will help illuminate darker areas.

Quality Photos Sell Your Home
Now that your home is clean and fresh, let’s get some great photos. Buyers start by looking for homes online.  Having at least 10 photos showcasing your home allows them to be drawn in.

I hope this couple takes my advice. But as a friend of theirs I would also add,  ‘Do the best you can. Whatever appealed to you when you bought the house will appeal to other home buyers.’

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