Jennifer Lee Mazeika


“Home is where your story begins, I’ll help you get there.”

I love helping people find the perfect property to match their needs. I have found 24 homes in the Smith Mountain Lake area in Franklin, Bedford and Roanoke counties in 2018 for my clients.

I am proud to be a realtor that provides exceptional service and truly listens to what my client’s wishes are.
I strive to make the buying or selling process as stress-free for my clients as possible by providing in-depth knowledge of the area and personalized service. I respond quickly to phone calls or emails and have come up with a creative solution or two when any problems arose. I try to work with other professionals like mortgage lenders, home inspectors and contractors who will also make the real estate process easier too.

In developing my own website this year, I wanted to establish communication with all my clients and others. That is why I write a blog each month and will continue to do so. I want to interact with my clients to ask, “how can I  make the real estate process easier for you?”  I hope my blogs have helped buyers and sellers become acquainted with the process so there were no big surprises along the way.

I continue to educate myself as a realtor with courses like” Realtor’s Code of Ethics” this year.  It’s important to stay current and further my knowledge as a realtor.  As I told one my client’s, “I live here. My family and I are establishing strong roots here. So integrity and a strong honest reputation are important to me.”

As we start the New Year in 2019, I am optimistic about the future.  Buyers still have fairly low interest rates and a very healthy inventory of homes to choose from in the Smith Mountain Lake area.  Sellers continue to offer a great value for homes in the Smith Mountain Lake area which will attract more buyers to the area.

My motto for the New Year is still the same, “Home is where your story begins, I’ll help you get there.”

As of the latest statistics, 62.9% of Americans own the home they live in.  My objective is to speak to the 37.1% that don’t own their home but should and probably can with a little bit of coaching and effort on their part.  Let’s start with dispelling many of the false notions that keep these people from attempting to buy a home:

“You have to have perfect credit” – While good credit helps, there are loan programs that make allowances for all types of issues and score minimums that drop as low as 580 in many cases.  Most consumers are not as far off this as they think.

“I don’t have any money for a down payment” – There are still many products out there that provide 100% financing options and allow the seller to pay closing costs.  This allows people to get in a home with little to no money out of pocket.

“I am not sure that buying is a good investment” – while the last decade has been a roller coaster for housing prices, a home remains the most reliable investment most Americans will ever make.  The net worth gap between those who own and those who don’t is wide for a reason.

These are just some of the common reasons given for not owning and there are many others but, for many folks, it comes down to fear.  Fear of the unknown and fear of rejection are powerful factors. Overcoming these fears is the prime responsibility of quality loan officers and realtors.  The good ones take your concerns to heart and let you know that your transaction is as important to them as it is to you.

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Here’s how most people get the cash for a real estate down payment, as well as some ideas for other creative ways to get ready to buy.

  • 63% of people tap into their savings
  • 38% generate more income (find a second job; take a freelance job)
  • 22% government programs (loan programs that can minimize or eliminate your down payment)
  • 11% cash out investments (stocks and CDs)
  • 8% pull from 401k
  • 11% gifts (money from recent wedding, etc.)

Other Options:

  • Cut living expenses
  • Private loans (borrow from family)
  • Existing equity (if you already own a home)



Viewing potential new homes – here’s what to look for:

The most fun part of buying a home is often walking through it for the first time. Your excitement grows as you turn each corner, visualizing yourself and your family living there. Before you start planning the housewarming party, there are some important things to keep in mind during the initial walk-through.

Tour the entire house to get a feel for the layout. Is it a home you can live in as-is or does it need some renovation to make it your dream home.  Check for adequate closet and storage space.  A lack of closet or storage space is something you might find you can’t live with later.

Check the condition of the floors. Carpet can be changed or removed and hardwood can be refinished. Don’t assume there is hardwood under the carpet – you’ll want to check to be sure. Check under rugs for stains or faded flooring.

Look for evidence of water damage. Take a close look at the ceilings and under windows for wet spots or water stains. Remember to check under sinks, too. In older homes with stone foundations, you are likely to find some moisture in the basement. A small amount is fine and to be expected in these homes, but a large amount of water in the basement is an issue. While you’re down there, check for mold, foundation cracks and the condition of the floor joists, if visible.

Locate the furnace, hot water heater, A/C unit, etc. You might be able to find a tag or sticker on these items with a date on it – this will give you an idea of its age. Your home inspector will be able to tell you its remaining useful life.

Check out any appliances that may be staying in the home. Feel free to turn them on to make sure they work. Double check that the water line has been hooked up to the fridge, if necessary for filtered water or an ice maker.

Take a walk around property for exterior issues. This is a good time to check for foundation issues and caulk around windows, doors, and siding.

Don’t  stress out about missing something – I always encourage home buyers to have an in-depth home inspection completed once the property is under contract. This will be the time to make informed decisions and find out if there are any major issues with the home. When showing my clients properties, I always ask them to picture themselves at Christmas. Can you visualize where you will put your Christmas tree? That always seems to help my clients when deciding on a home. I look forward to helping guide you through the home buying process!

Give me a call at 540-537-2332 to setup a time for your first property!!

Must haves:
  3 bedrooms                                   Optional – (but would love to have)
  2 baths                                              landscaping – curb appeal
  lots of storage                                   view of the lake
  good schools                                     view of the mountains
  garage                                                close to shopping
  fenced yard                                       workshop (man cave)


Step One –     Pre-approved for mortgage

Step Two –     Find a great realtor to find the home we are looking for

Step Three – Combine the above ingredients to find our new home.

Step Four –    Make an offer and close the deal.

Step Five –     Find a home in the Smith Mountain Lake area we have always wanted
with the assistance of Jennifer Lee Mazeika/Realtor – 540-537-2332.

Serve with ice cream (optional)

I remember when my husband and I first started looking for a home in the Smith Mountain Lake area, an area we had fallen in love with after visiting my husband’s family a number of times. Anyway, we had just moved down from Pennsylvania and at the time we were living in my in-laws guest house. We were in our mid 20’s, newly married and anxious to move out on our own.

We were first-time homebuyers. We started looking at listings on-line and driving thru different neighborhoods around Smith Mountain Lake – like Moneta, Goodview, Hardy and Huddleston. These were all very good first steps.

But you know what our first step should have been. . .

1. Checking Our Credit Scores: This is the number that mortgage lenders will look at to determine whether you are “creditworthy”. The average credit score is 695. Only about half the people that apply for a mortgage fall in the 700+ range.

See my blog – 4 Ways to Boost Your Credit Score Today

2. Figuring Out How Much Home We Could Afford: You should honestly assess your financial situation, including your income, monthly expenses and debts, job stability and determine roughly what you can afford to pay each month. Use the Zillow Affordability Calculator to determine how much house you can afford. By entering details about your income, down payment, and monthly debts, you can estimate the mortgage amount that works with your budget.

3. Getting Pre-Approved for a Mortgage: Once you have found a mortgage lender and gone through the process of supplying your tax forms, W-2’s, recent pay stubs, savings and debt obligations, the lender will let you know at what rate and how much they are willing to pre-approve a mortgage for.

This is a crucial step in buying your first home! It shows the seller that you have what it takes to buy their home. In most markets, a pre-approval is required for a seller to take your offer seriously. Show the seller that you are both willing and able to purchase their home.

Needless to say, my husband I were successful in purchasing our first home in Goodview. It’s where we started our family – our son and daughter. As a realtor who has assisted many couples with the purchase of their first home, I’ll help get you there.

You have decided you want to buy a house. But you’re not quite sure if your credit score will impress your lender.
Here are 4 quick and easy ways to boost your credit – fast!

  1. Pay Down Your Credit Card Balances
    Paying down your debt is the biggest and fastest way to see impact on your credit. The more credit you have open or available the better.  Make sure you pay down your credit cards before your creditor reports to the credit scoring company. Not sure when your creditors report? You could call and ask them or you can keep checking your credit report each month. Having open credit but paid up credit counts for about 30% of your score.
  2. Get Your Bills Current
    You probably realize that you have to pay your bills on time to get a good score. If you’re less than 30 days late and you can make the payment today you should do it. Creditors don’t usually report until after the 30-day mark. If you get your bills up- to- date now, it still might take one to two months to improve your credit score.
  3. Open A New Account
    Opening a new credit account can help in two ways:
    It increases your total outstanding credit line.
    2. If you only have one type of credit card or small loan, opening another type can help your “credit mix”.
    But don’t go overboard and keep those balances paid off each month. It will take about 1-6 weeks to affect your credit score.
  4. Become Authorized User
    Do you have a partner or family member who would be willing to make you an authorized user on one of their accounts? Make sure they have good credit history. The full history of their account will show up on your credit report almost immediately.

For all first-time homebuyers a good credit score will be essential to ensure getting the mortgage amount you want. Take the advice above and be patient while you watch your credit score go up each month.

Client Tesimonials

“Jennifer was a pleasure to work with. She has gone out of her way to help us multiple times and continues to do so even after we closed on our property. I highly recommended her.
She is awesome!”

Alan D.

bought a home in Hardy, VA

“Jennifer has been the best realtor I’ve ever dealt with. She was always quick to respond and meet us wherever, whenever. She got to know us personally and would match us with the best houses. She cared more about our happiness with a home than the incentive she was getting. She helped with dealing with house inspections and dealing with the seller as well.”

Stephen C.

Bought a home in Thaxton, VA

“Jennifer was our realtor and did an excellent job. She found us a great house and it fit our budget. We put a contract on it in two days it was a pleasure working with her.
Awesome job Jennifer.”

Lee T.

Bought a home in Wirtz, VA

“We had a lot of issue’s with selling and buying another home, but Jennifer’s negotiating skills kept us from making big mistakes, like not having a home inspection. Otherwise, it would have cost us $1000.00 dollars. She was on top of every detail, even if it was a small one. Also, she was very responsive in returning phone calls. We highly recommend her as your agent. We will certainly use her again if need be.”

Barbara A.

Bought a home in Wirtz, VA

“Great realtor to work with. I came in with no knowledge about the process or anything just knew I wanted a house. She helped me and taught me every step of the way, giving great advice on everything.”

Kirsten S.

Bought a home in Vinton, VA

“I highly recommend Jennifer with any home buyer/seller needs. Jennifer was always on time to our appointments and she is so kind. Jennifer knew exactly what our family’s needs were and found us the perfect home.”

Christian J.

Bought a home in Boones Mill, VA

“I would defiantly recommend Jennifer for all your real estate purchases. Her knowledge, drive, and response times are excellent. She is very understanding and passionate about her job. She kept us informed every step of the way despite any hiccups (which she had no control over). Not only did she find us the perfect home, she did so in a way that was respectful and with class. Jennifer is by far the greatest realtor I have ever worked with.”

Jesse W.

Bought a home in Moneta, VA

“Jennifer was so helpful throughout the entire process, her recommendations for home, loan officers, and title company were the best in the business. Jennifer always had multiple options available and took our needs into consideration for every home we looked at until we found the perfect home for our family. Jennifer put a personal touch we will never forget into the home buying process and we will be forever grateful for the best service. We highly recommend Jennifer to everyone and have already enlisted her help with the selling of a family home, and she will be representing other friends and family in the purchase of their new home.”

Michelle H.

Bought a home in Moneta, VA

“Jennifer Mazeika was very attentive to our needs and prompt in answering our questions. She helped us find a beautiful home with everything we were looking for.”

James B.

Bought a home in Moneta, VA

“This was my first time buying a home and Jennifer was more than reliable.
She always replied to me quickly and took mental notes
about everything I was looking for in a home.”


Jessica P.

Bought a home in Union Hall, VA

“Jennifer was a delight to have as my agent. Her dedication to me as her client was superb and her knowledge of the area here in the Smith Mountain Lake is extensive.”

Nita F.

bought a home in Hardy, VA

“Jennifer was near perfect. She was always responsive; we never had to call twice. If she didn’t answer the phone, she got back to us very quickly. She was always willing to go the extra step. She is enthusiastic and her concern for us always seemed to be genuine. To put it succinctly, Jennifer made the ordeal of shopping for a
house much more pleasant than it usually is.”

Kurt S.

bought a home in Wirtz, VA

“Jennifer is absolutely wonderful to work with. She answered all of our questions (we had a lot) and took the time to help find us the right place. I highly recommend her!! I hope we get to see her around the lake!!”

Shannon W.

bought a condo in Moneta, VA

“Very professional, highly prepared, genuine, sincere and knowledgeable about the market. Prompt in returning phone calls and emails and appointments. Always enthusiastic about finding a home that meets the buyer’s wishes.”

Irene C.

bought a home in Wirtz, VA

“Very personable and knowledgeable in her profession. We got along quite well in searching for houses. Traveled throughout three counties in search of the perfect home. Continued despite numerous disappointments and setbacks.”

Doug O.

bought a home in Moneta, VA

“Jennifer has been the best realtor I’ve ever dealt with. She was always quick to respond and meet us wherever, whenever. She got to know us personally and would match us with the best houses. She cared more about our happiness with a home than the incentive she was getting. She helped with dealing with house inspections and dealing with the seller as well.”

Stephen C.

bought a home in Thaxton, VA

“Jennifer is a real estate agent we would use again. When choosing a real estate agent you want someone knowledgeable in all areas of buying and selling, who knows the “ins and outs” of the local area that also has a great personality who can make the sometimes stressful experience as enjoyable as possible. Jennifer is a triple threat! Very knowledgeable of the real estate business and the processes that go along with it. VERY RESPONSIVE. We were buying a property in Smith Mountain Lake and we lived out of town and that was difficult for us. Jennifer made us feel like we could call her anytime and that gave us a level of comfort.”

Gretchen R.

bought a condo in Moneta, VA

“Jennifer has been one of the best agents to work with. She has been very knowledgeable through the whole process. She went above and beyond and did more for us than we could have ever asked for. Answered all of our questions and understood completely what we were looking for and got us into the house of our dreams. Jennifer is an AMAZING agent. We plan to use her in the future and refer her to everyone we know. ”

Tiffani H

Bought a home in Moneta, VA